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This Place I Like: Big Daddy’s Cheesesteaks

June 20th, 2013

I’ve been wanting to write about this place for a while, which means the pics you see are from January. Haha. It’s all good though, because what you see is exactly what you get.

A few years ago, my sister flew in from Charlotte to Cleveland on Christmas Eve to celebrate the holidays with my mom and me. Being the family that we are, we had not done anything Christmas related. I don’t know what it is, but it feels weird decorating my mom’s house with Christmas stuff when it’s just me doing it. I always think my sister should be there to help. Okay, fine. We’re procrastinators. This is what we do. That being said, it was Christmas Eve, and we needed a tree. And we needed to go Christmas shopping. And we needed to go buy food to have for Christmas Day dinner. SO MUCH STUFF.

It turns out, everyone else does these things well in advance, so shopping for stuff was actually quite simple. We found a tree, we went food shopping, we found gifts, and when we were all done in the late afternoon, we needed food. I said, “Hey, there’s this cheesesteak place that I’ve been hearing good things about…” With that, we drove to good ol’ Kamm’s Corners/Westpark, to Big Daddy’s Cheesesteaks. I’m pretty familiar with the area. I took piano lessons from the age of seven to sixteen at a place close by. And at sixteen, I took my driving road test and got my driving license at Puritas just down the way. Remember, if you’re passing a parked car on the street, and the driver is in the car, you have to signal AND give an audible warning when passing, by either honking your horn, or yelling out the window. I got a point taken off for not doing the audible. Stupid Puritas area driving test.

photo from Big Daddy’s Cheesesteaks on Facebook

Where am I going with this? Oh, it’s Christmas Eve afternoon, and we stop into Big Daddy’s Cheesesteaks. However, it’s Christmas Eve afternoon, and the place was empty, and the guy there was just about to close. We were ready to leave, to find somewhere else to go when he said, “You know what? Come on in. You still have time.”

That great guy [in kindness and in stature…seriously, like a linebacker] who let us in and made a family of procrastinators some cheesesteaks was owner/chef Jason Noyes. I mean, he made us cheesesteaks when he was about to close ON CHRISTMAS EVE. Also, he let my mom use the non-public restroom. [Note: people who have kids that always have to use the restroom: when you get older, you're going to be the same way. What comes around, goes around. So don't complain about it.]

After our meal, I went back in my car, and gave him a box of cookies, as thanks. [Yes, during the holidays, I just have cookies sitting in my car. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU NEED THEM.] Since then, I’ve been going there every now and then, when I get a chance.

This place is just good.

I’m not going to get into an argument about authentic Philly cheesesteaks. Why? Because I’ve had authentic Philly cheesesteaks, in Philadelphia, and you know what? I wasn’t impressed. They remind me of Mr. Hero. There, I said it. Philly cheesesteaks taste like Mr. Hero cheesesteaks. *sits here, waiting for the haters to hate* Oh, but don’t get me wrong. I love Mr. Hero. Are Big Daddy’s cheesesteaks like authentic Philly cheesesteaks, or even Mr. Hero? Nope. Are they better? Quite possibly, because you can get two things on your cheesesteak that, in my humble opinion, make everything better: a fried egg and gravy.

That’s right, the Cleveland cheesesteak comes with a side of beef gravy. And you can add a fried egg to any sandwich. DONE. Big Daddy’s wins the cheesesteak battle.

cleveland cheesesteak


In addition to the Cleveland, they have other cheesesteaks [and a vegetarian option] that I really should  try, and I say that every time  I go. But I just can’t get away from the Cleveland. It’s so good. BECAUSE GRAVY.


If you’re really hungry, you can upsize your sandwich to “Big Daddy Size”. I did that the first time I went. It’s A LOT of steak. No, I’m not kidding. A LOT. So keep that in mind. Big Daddy’s also makes typical diner homefries [read: excellent] AND AND AND you can get Super Deluxe Home Fries which top them with a fried egg, gravy, and cheese. I KNOW.

fried egg home fries

But that’s not all they have that’s awesome. They make a great redskin potato salad, and a variety of delicious slaws, your choice included with any sandwich. And for those who aren’t in the mood for a cheesesteak, they have excellent pulled pork sandwiches.


The last time I was there, my mom got a Sweet BBQ pulled pork sandwich, and the Soup Du Jour, which, that day, was Curry Chicken Noodle.

bbq pork curry chicken noodle

My mom, who is probably the most critical food eater around [and she will say it to your face if she doesn't like your food. I'm totally not joking.] said it was one of the best soups she has had. “You can tell this was made fresh, from scratch. So many big chunks of vegetables and chicken, and it’s seasoned just right.” While we were eating, a Cleveland Police officer came in, trying to decide what to get. My mom liked the soup so much, she raved about it to the officer, convincing him to get it.

Most days of the week, Big Daddy’s lists specials of the day. This is a shot of the specials board for that week in January. Chicken Paprikash over Spaetzel Friday!


I just saw on Facebook that there’s a new BBQ, Bacon & Swiss CHICKEN loaf Sandwich today. Now that’s a change up from a typical meatloaf. Because it’s chicken. Oh, and you can substitute chicken on any sandwich, if you wanted to do that. But come on, it’s a cheeseSTEAK. Stick with the beef. That’s what she said.

The place is small and unassuming, with only a counter, some stools, and a couple tables. But it has that old diner feel to it, a feeling that I can only compare to Nancy’s Home Cooking in Clintonville, but a lot more intimate.


Regulars come in and out, store owners from down the plaza picking up a to-go order, police officers coming in for a quick lunch. And they are always greeted like old friends. Hell, the second time I went to Big Daddy’s, which was months after that Christmas Eve visit, Jason said, “Hey, haven’t seen you guys in a while! You make cookies, right? And there was another young lady with you last time…”

If you need an authentic Philly cheesesteak, but live in Ohio, just go to Mr. Hero. It’s honestly a good enough facsimile. Yeah, haters gonna hate. Whatever. The truth hurts. HOWEVER, if you need an even tastier cheesesteak, with the option of having a fried egg and gravy on it, go to Big Daddy’s Cheesesteaks in Cleveland.


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It’s Anniversary Time Again! I can’t believe it either.

May 23rd, 2013

On May 15, 2010, Rogue Bakery made it’s first delivery to people who were willing to take a chance on someone who would deliver baked goods to their door. You guys were pioneers, much like Lewis & Clark. Wait, they weren’t pioneers, they were explorers. But were they explorers like DeSoto, or Magellan? I guess you were neither a pioneer, nor an explorer. You were just people who wanted cookies delivered to you.

But you know what’s weird? You people who first ordered didn’t even order to get cookies. “Whaaaaaa…?” It’s true. Just check out this super old Rogue Bakery Tumblr post [note to self: black lettering on a gray background is basically unreadable]. People received cinnamon rolls! This is how big they were!

Who the hell uses a ruler while baking? *shrugs* So yeah, that’s what people got. And they came packaged like this:

Those sure were not cookies. BUT those lucky first baked goods recipients also received an assortment of Rogue Bakery cookies.

Look in the lower right of that pic. The “Experimental Chocolate Cookie” went on to become the gluten-free vegan Chocolate Liberator! You’re looking at a cookie in it’s infancy! So yeah, people got cinnamon rolls and some cookies. All in all, a successful first delivery run…for, like, 4 people. I think what was nice was that they were four people I didn’t know at all, total strangers. It really was a beta test to the public, to see if this would really work. AND IT DID! Believe me, I had my doubts.

So I thought, “What’s a good way to commemorate this three year anniversary? Maybe I should make cinnamon rolls…” Then I thought “OH HELLS NO!” because, thinking back, those cinnamon rolls took sooooooo long to make. To cinnamon roll bakers out there, I salute you. The next best thing to making cinnamon rolls is to make a cookie that tastes like cinnamon rolls.

3rd anniversary cookie-300x300

It’s a cookie that tastes like Cinnamon Rolls. Really, it does. It’s pretty good. Also, for you people longing for a Snickerdoodle, this is probably the closest you will ever get to a Rogue Bakery Snickerdoodle, because, you know, we only make the I’M NOT A SNICKERDOODLE! Available for local delivery and mail order, and only available until JUNE 14TH. Help celebrate the Rogue Bakery 3rd Anniversary while you can!



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WTF is a cookie…?

May 9th, 2013

Uh…are you asking what a cookie is?

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at 5.12.09 PM

I’m not so sure about that definition. A cookie is a cake? Pssssh. Oh, but yes, WTF is a Rogue Bakery cookie. As in, that’s its name: WTF. I think people think it’s a joke. but how can a joke taste so delicious?


FOLLOW @ROGUEBAKERY ON INSTAGRAM, PLEEEEASE! I need more Instagram friends. :)

How did the WTF come into existence? It’s partially because everyone kept asking me to make a cookie “with a bunch of stuff in it. The other reason is because…why the hell not?

“WTF is in the WTF?”

It’s stuff that’s not currently in any other Rogue Bakery cookie:

-Ruffled potato chips: ruffles make them tasty
-Butterscotch chips: no one ever gives them the spotlight
-Super-special salted pretzel sticks: so why are they super-special? Because they go through a super-special process. It’s kinda of a secret, but the super-specialness makes them crunchy and salty and, well, special ;)
-Chocolate marshmallows: the weird sibling of the normal marshmallow. It’s very cocoa-y.

“WTF kind of cookie is that?”

This cookie isn’t for everyone. If you’re hung up by the strange ingredients, if you’re weirded out by salty snack foods in a cookie…you’re just going to have to trust me that they actually work quite well together in this cookie. It’s the ultimate combination of salty and sweet, which, as you know, Rogue Bakery quite likes.

So really, this cookie is nothing out of the ordinary for Rogue Bakery. It’s actually fairly tame compared to some other Rogue Bakery cookies. but it may be out of the ordinary if you’re used to cookies from Subway. Come on, who buys those? Buy the WTF here and here, instead!


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April 25th, 2013



As you know, it’s KARMA TIME right now, and you guys have been giving like crazy! Thanks to everyone for nominating people to receive cookies, and thanks to those that have had cookies delivered to someone, or have given tips! You guys are great, and there have been a lot of surprised individuals who have received unexpected cookies! So who have gotten cookies?

-nurses in charge of a possibly grumpy older hospital patient

-a food service worker who spilled a container of salad dressing, but didn’t get angry about it

-a new mother with a sick baby

-someone’s wife…just because

-an awesome small local business owner who someone said “gives more than she receives”

And let me tell you, each one of these people were so happy to receive such a surprise! :)

Not sure what KARMA TIME is? Here’s a recap! [You can read the original blog post here.]


Rogue Bakery will give cookies to people that you think should have cookies. Maybe you know people who are having a hard time in life, and could use some cookies. Maybe you want to surprise someone…just because. Maybe you want to give a total stranger cookies. I want to know who you think should get cookies.

1) Fill out the contact form on the website, and tell us who you think would like to receive cookies. Every week, until the end of April, we will pick two candidates for a free cookie delivery or mail-order.

2) Every order of cookies that you place, to be delivered to someone other than yourself, will earn you a $5.00 coupon code that you can use in our online store.

3) Every person who submits the name of a cookie candidate, places an order for someone other than themselves, or gives a tip of any amount by purchasing the tip item in the online store, will be entered into a drawing for a free Rogue Bakery Cookie Club 6-month membership, an $85.00 value. The winner will be announced May 1st, 2013.

All three of these work for both local deliveries and mail-orders. Enter as often as you would like. Or I should say, give as often as you want to give.


There have been a few people who have purchased cookies for other that are not in Columbus, or in Ohio, which is AWESOME. We should spread the cookie love all over the country. :) That being said, I’d like to see more of this, one last push before KARMA TIME comes to an end.

From now until 12:00AM May 1st, all Rogue Bakery Cookie Club memberships are 20% off.

What’s great about RBCC memberships to people who aren’t expecting them is that…they aren’t expecting them! They’ll get cookies (in the mail, if they’re far away), and they’ll probably call you up, and thank you. And then, some time later…BAM. They get cookies again. I’ve heard from many people who have often forgotten that they are getting cookies every week, or every month. And when those cookies come in, it’s like their first delivery all over again! We all know how awesome it is to receive a package in the mail. A Rogue Bakery package is even better, because, come on, you have cookies. ;)

Thanks again for everyone who has helped give Rogue Bakery cookies to those deserving people out there. And remember, all it takes is you nominating someone, giving a tip, or having cookies sent to someone to be entered to win a 6-month Rogue Bakery Cookie Club membership! I guess if you think about it, maybe that seems a bit selfish? Giving something for a chance to win something? Maybe. But in my opinion, if it gets you to even think about someone else, in any capacity, then that’s good. So, if you don’t want to enter this drawing, if you don’t want to nominate someone for cookies, or give cookies to someone, or leave a tip, I have no problem with that. All I ask is that you help someone out, maybe a stranger. Or call up an old friend. Or just smile when you see someone you don’t know. You’d be amazed at what a simple gesture can do.

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The Trouble With Chips

April 16th, 2013

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The DCC [Dark Chocolate Chip + Sea Salt] is a cookie loved by all [well, personally, I prefer the MCC [Milk Chocolate Chunk + Sea Salt], because I think it’s a better cookie…but hey, that’s me…]. But just the other week, a first time experience with this cookie single-handedly turned someone off of Rogue Bakery cookies FOREVER. The person bought the cookies at The Hills Market, and while they loved the store, they didn’t love the cookie. This person’s experience with the DCC was so bad, that the person said they would never buy Rogue Bakery cookies ever again. I know, that’s quite sad and disappointing. But what was it that was so wrong with the cookie?

The person said there were only two chocolate chips found in each cookie.

I was crushed reading that. Then I thought, “Wait, how is that possible??” In the 3 years of baking and delivering delicious cookies, I have never had a complaint that there were less than an adequate amount of chips or ingredients in any cookie. Also, in the first year of baking, did you know that I made sure that each DCC had at least 5 chocolate chips in each cookie? I am totally not joking. I would make sure that, before each ball of dough was baked, it had five chips in it. This was back in the day, when the DCC only had one kind of chocolate chip. I then moved to having two kinds of chocolate chips in the DCC. Why the change? Because SCIENCE. Read the rest of this entry »

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New cookie, new digs, new recognition

April 3rd, 2013

Let’s work our way backwards, shall we?

Rogue Bakery Wins Some Poll-thing!



HOORAY!!! Rogue Bakery won Columbus Alive’s Best of Columbus 2013 for the category “Best Brand Without A Storefront”! Thank you so much for your votes, because, hell, that’s how you win, with votes…from people. I can’t thank myself because I didn’t vote for Rogue Bakery. I know, that sounds weird, doesn’t it? But it just feels wrong when you vote for yourself in a poll. And voting for myself makes me feel like an attention whore. No one likes to feel like an attention whore. Or maybe you do. I don’t know. But I don’t judge. You can do whatever you want. But yeah, thanks for voting, because winning was a complete surprise. :) Thank you thank you thank you!


Not just on Sundays…if you can drive/bus/bike/run/walk

Did you know You can get Rogue Bakery cookies in single packs at Shadowbox Live’s Backstage Bistro in the Brewery District? Of course you do. Did you know that you can get the very special SBCC [Spicy Bacon Corn Cheese] cookie exclusively at Ace of Cups Bar? Yeah, you knew that too, because you’re smart. But did you know there’s a new supermarket downtown, aptly named The Hills Market Downtown at 95 North Grant Avenue? Maybe you did.

Follow Rogue Bakery on Instagram so I feel good about myself. :)

BUT did you know that you can get Rogue Bakery cookies at The Hills Market Downtown. Yes, yes you can. Just head over to the bakery section, and there you go: a nice selection of Rogue Bakery cookies. Oh, and did you know you can get the same selection of cookies at The Hills Market in Worthington? I know, that’s crazy talk, but it’s true! Let me paint a scenario for you: you order cookies for Sunday delivery, because you love cookies. But then it hits: the craving. It’s only Wednesday, and you don’t know if you can wait until then. So you head over to either of The Hills Markets, Backstage Bistro, or Ace of Cups, and grab some cookies. Now you’re good for a few more days, until your Sunday cookie delivery arrives. That’s how it can work!


Something new…

If you travel to either of The Hills Markets, you may notice that, among the CMCs, TLCs, DCCs, gfvCLs, you see something that you don’t recognize.

2013-03-16 17.58.28

It’s the first in a new line of Rogue Bakery bar cookies, named Bar.  Born from the hellfires of the Tester program, and exclusively baked for The Hills Market, the Bacon Pecan Blondie is a substantial bar, with rich browned butter, Hills’ Own Ohio Bacon, pecans, and semi-sweet chocolate chips. Also, it’s the first Rogue Bakery item that I endorse as a meal replacement…because that means a lot. I mean, It has protein, and nuts, and it’s pretty filling. But if you have it just for lunch or dinner, don’t tell your mom. Moms just don’t understand how cookies can be meals. And don’t try to reason with her. Just say, “I’M AN ADULT, MOM! YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!” and then go slam your bedroom door.

The Bacon Pecan Blondie is the first Bar. There will be another cookie in the Bar line-up that will be coming soon to the online store. Keep your internet-eyes peeled…


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Instant karma’s gonna get you…

March 27th, 2013

The other night, I took my friend Zheng , who was in town for a couple weeks for work, to the store, so he could buy some soda to keep in his hotel fridge. I ended up buying a can of Red Bull Blue Edition because a) the can looked nice b) it’s blueberry flavored c) did I mention the can looked nice?

At the check out line, there was an older hispanic woman and a hispanic teen in front of me. The teen was translating for the woman, and was asking the cashier to scan a bottle of Nice & Easy hair coloring, to see how much it would be.


“$7.44 with tax…”, the cashier replied. The older woman shook her head, and the boy turned to her, and pulled out some wadded up bills and some change. The boy counted $6.50. The woman said something to the boy, and shook her head again. “No, we don’t want it, “ he said. You could see the embarrassment in his face, or maybe it was disappointment.

“I have a a dollar. Here.” I pulled out a wadded up bill from my pocket. I handed it to the boy, who just stared at me. I handed it to the cashier. She just stared at me. “It’s cool. Here, take it,” I turned to the boy, “You have $6.50. Take this dollar, and you can get it!” I pleaded with my eyes to the older woman now looking at me, to take the dollar bill. It’s only a dollar, after all. What’s a dollar to me? Read the rest of this entry »

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Looking for a few good Testers

January 7th, 2013

The last Tester program ended a few months ago, and many good things came out of it, thanks to the participants’ thoughts and opinions. Feedback from you guys is always welcome, even if it comes in the form of a rant that ends with “JUST MAKE REGULAR COOKIES, YOU OAF!” Don’t worry, “regular” cookies will always be around.

But it’s a new year, and a new year comes with new ideas, and that’s where the first Tester of 2013 comes in.

tester 2013_bar-500px

I have some ideas for some new products in the pipeline, and I kind of need your help. But there are some qualifications I’m looking for in the next Tester participants. Read the rest of this entry »

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Get excited: it’s Holiday Cookie Time, days 3, 4, & 5

December 14th, 2012

Ooops…I totally missed posting stuff on Wednesday and Thursday. So this post is going to be one of those all-in-one, accelerated posts. Kind of reminds me of the accelerated Spanish 103.66 I miraculously placed in at OSU, even though I hadn’t taken a Spanish class for 2 years, since high school. I walked into the class, and the teacher was a woman from Peru…who couldn’t speak English well, as in it was her second language. And the class was full of people like me, who last took Spanish years ago, and somehow got into this class, thinking “Well, it cuts down the number of quarters I’ll have to waste on Spanish.” Yeah, it was bad. We didn’t understand what the teacher was saying for a good 3 weeks.

Okay, this post is actually nothing like that experience. But it does involve cookies! Or galletas! [I had to look that up.] Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?


SPRITZ IS BACK! Yes, you can now shove handfuls of these small, delicious butter cookies in your mouth, as early as Sunday [if you live in Columbus]. SPRITZ! [not to be confused with Spitz] will be available for local delivery in Columbus on Sunday. Read the rest of this entry »

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Get excited: it’s Holiday Cookie Time, day 2

December 11th, 2012

It’s only natural that along with the Silver Box, Rogue Bakery offers another precious metal-themed box. Is it platinum, the precious metal found in automobile catalytic converters?? Nah. But maybe it should be. I mean, platinum is more expensive than silver. Hell, palladium (also found in catalytic converters) is more expensive than silver. Why didn’t I name the box from yesterday the Palladium Box?? Eh, can’t go back and change it now. But I can introduce the other noted themed box named after a metal we probably think about whenever someone says the word “silver.”

The Gold Box is the “just a bit fancier” sibling of the Silver Box. It has a ribbon, and a card, and all that jazz. And it has all the exclusive holiday cookies from the Silver Box, which are as follows: Read the rest of this entry »

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