As you know, it’s KARMA TIME right now, and you guys have been giving like crazy! Thanks to everyone for nominating people to receive cookies, and thanks to those that have had cookies delivered to someone, or have given tips! You guys are great, and there have been a lot of surprised individuals who have received unexpected cookies! So who have gotten cookies?

-nurses in charge of a possibly grumpy older hospital patient

-a food service worker who spilled a container of salad dressing, but didn’t get angry about it

-a new mother with a sick baby

-someone’s wife…just because

-an awesome small local business owner who someone said “gives more than she receives”

And let me tell you, each one of these people were so happy to receive such a surprise! :)

Not sure what KARMA TIME is? Here’s a recap! [You can read the original blog post here.]


Rogue Bakery will give cookies to people that you think should have cookies. Maybe you know people who are having a hard time in life, and could use some cookies. Maybe you want to surprise someone…just because. Maybe you want to give a total stranger cookies. I want to know who you think should get cookies.

1) Fill out the contact form on the website, and tell us who you think would like to receive cookies. Every week, until the end of April, we will pick two candidates for a free cookie delivery or mail-order.

2) Every order of cookies that you place, to be delivered to someone other than yourself, will earn you a $5.00 coupon code that you can use in our online store.

3) Every person who submits the name of a cookie candidate, places an order for someone other than themselves, or gives a tip of any amount by purchasing the tip item in the online store, will be entered into a drawing for a free Rogue Bakery Cookie Club 6-month membership, an $85.00 value. The winner will be announced May 1st, 2013.

All three of these work for both local deliveries and mail-orders. Enter as often as you would like. Or I should say, give as often as you want to give.


There have been a few people who have purchased cookies for other that are not in Columbus, or in Ohio, which is AWESOME. We should spread the cookie love all over the country. :) That being said, I’d like to see more of this, one last push before KARMA TIME comes to an end.

From now until 12:00AM May 1st, all Rogue Bakery Cookie Club memberships are 20% off.

What’s great about RBCC memberships to people who aren’t expecting them is that…they aren’t expecting them! They’ll get cookies (in the mail, if they’re far away), and they’ll probably call you up, and thank you. And then, some time later…BAM. They get cookies again. I’ve heard from many people who have often forgotten that they are getting cookies every week, or every month. And when those cookies come in, it’s like their first delivery all over again! We all know how awesome it is to receive a package in the mail. A Rogue Bakery package is even better, because, come on, you have cookies. 😉

Thanks again for everyone who has helped give Rogue Bakery cookies to those deserving people out there. And remember, all it takes is you nominating someone, giving a tip, or having cookies sent to someone to be entered to win a 6-month Rogue Bakery Cookie Club membership! I guess if you think about it, maybe that seems a bit selfish? Giving something for a chance to win something? Maybe. But in my opinion, if it gets you to even think about someone else, in any capacity, then that’s good. So, if you don’t want to enter this drawing, if you don’t want to nominate someone for cookies, or give cookies to someone, or leave a tip, I have no problem with that. All I ask is that you help someone out, maybe a stranger. Or call up an old friend. Or just smile when you see someone you don’t know. You’d be amazed at what a simple gesture can do.

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