Uh…are you asking what a cookie is?

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I’m not so sure about that definition. A cookie is a cake? Pssssh. Oh, but yes, WTF is a Rogue Bakery cookie. As in, that’s its name: WTF. I think people think it’s a joke. but how can a joke taste so delicious?


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How did the WTF come into existence? It’s partially because everyone kept asking me to make a cookie “with a bunch of stuff in it. The other reason is because…why the hell not?

“WTF is in the WTF?”

It’s stuff that’s not currently in any other Rogue Bakery cookie:

-Ruffled potato chips: ruffles make them tasty
-Butterscotch chips: no one ever gives them the spotlight
-Super-special salted pretzel sticks: so why are they super-special? Because they go through a super-special process. It’s kinda of a secret, but the super-specialness makes them crunchy and salty and, well, special 😉
-Chocolate marshmallows: the weird sibling of the normal marshmallow. It’s very cocoa-y.

“WTF kind of cookie is that?”

This cookie isn’t for everyone. If you’re hung up by the strange ingredients, if you’re weirded out by salty snack foods in a cookie…you’re just going to have to trust me that they actually work quite well together in this cookie. It’s the ultimate combination of salty and sweet, which, as you know, Rogue Bakery quite likes.

So really, this cookie is nothing out of the ordinary for Rogue Bakery. It’s actually fairly tame compared to some other Rogue Bakery cookies. but it may be out of the ordinary if you’re used to cookies from Subway. Come on, who buys those? Buy the WTF here and here, instead!


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