On May 15, 2010, Rogue Bakery made it’s first delivery to people who were willing to take a chance on someone who would deliver baked goods to their door. You guys were pioneers, much like Lewis & Clark. Wait, they weren’t pioneers, they were explorers. But were they explorers like DeSoto, or Magellan? I guess you were neither a pioneer, nor an explorer. You were just people who wanted cookies delivered to you.

But you know what’s weird? You people who first ordered didn’t even order to get cookies. “Whaaaaaa…?” It’s true. Just check out this super old Rogue Bakery Tumblr post [note to self: black lettering on a gray background is basically unreadable]. People received cinnamon rolls! This is how big they were!

Who the hell uses a ruler while baking? *shrugs* So yeah, that’s what people got. And they came packaged like this:

Those sure were not cookies. BUT those lucky first baked goods recipients also received an assortment of Rogue Bakery cookies.

Look in the lower right of that pic. The “Experimental Chocolate Cookie” went on to become the gluten-free vegan Chocolate Liberator! You’re looking at a cookie in it’s infancy! So yeah, people got cinnamon rolls and some cookies. All in all, a successful first delivery run…for, like, 4 people. I think what was nice was that they were four people I didn’t know at all, total strangers. It really was a beta test to the public, to see if this would really work. AND IT DID! Believe me, I had my doubts.

So I thought, “What’s a good way to commemorate this three year anniversary? Maybe I should make cinnamon rolls…” Then I thought “OH HELLS NO!” because, thinking back, those cinnamon rolls took sooooooo long to make. To cinnamon roll bakers out there, I salute you. The next best thing to making cinnamon rolls is to make a cookie that tastes like cinnamon rolls.

3rd anniversary cookie-300x300

It’s a cookie that tastes like Cinnamon Rolls. Really, it does. It’s pretty good. Also, for you people longing for a Snickerdoodle, this is probably the closest you will ever get to a Rogue Bakery Snickerdoodle, because, you know, we only make the I’M NOT A SNICKERDOODLE! Available for local delivery and mail order, and only available until JUNE 14TH. Help celebrate the Rogue Bakery 3rd Anniversary while you can!



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