It’s already the end of March. How did that happen? March and April are those months where I’m always hesitant to believe that it’s Spring already. I mean, technically, it is, but you never know around here. I still think that some freak snow storm is going to come out of nowhere, when we least… Read More

Hi. I don’t know if you’ve ever looked on the “Our Cookies” page of, but if you haven’t, I’ll wait while you go look right now. No, really. It’s no trouble at all. Just let me know when you’re back. . . . So, you’ve seen the page. Cool, huh? Anyway, maybe you noticed… Read More

It was my friend’s birthday yesterday, so I decided to make her a cake, as I stated on Twitter.   I’m making a cake. — Rogue Bakery (@RogueBakery) January 26, 2012 [I know, exciting.] Even though I bake cookies, I think I’m a decent cake maker. Except for yesterday, where I was the idiot of… Read More

  I see a lot of places and hear a lot of things when I travel around Columbus delivering cookies. Since it’s the start of a new year, here are things I’ve heard in the past year. Many of them could probably be put in the FAQ…hmmm. I should update that. Anyway, here you go!… Read More