On May 15, 2010, Rogue Bakery made it’s first delivery to people who were willing to take a chance on someone who would deliver baked goods to their door. You guys were pioneers, much like Lewis & Clark. Wait, they weren’t pioneers, they were explorers. But were they explorers like DeSoto, or Magellan? I guess… Read More

KARMA TIME: MARCH 27-APRIL 30 As you know, it’s KARMA TIME right now, and you guys have been giving like crazy! Thanks to everyone for nominating people to receive cookies, and thanks to those that have had cookies delivered to someone, or have given tips! You guys are great, and there have been a lot… Read More

The other night, I took my friend Zheng , who was in town for a couple weeks for work, to the store, so he could buy some soda to keep in his hotel fridge. I ended up buying a can of Red Bull Blue Edition because a) the can looked nice b) it’s blueberry flavored c) did… Read More

Ooops…I totally missed posting stuff on Wednesday and Thursday. So this post is going to be one of those all-in-one, accelerated posts. Kind of reminds me of the accelerated Spanish 103.66 I miraculously placed in at OSU, even though I hadn’t taken a Spanish class for 2 years, since high school. I walked into the… Read More

It’s been pretty busy the last few weeks here at Rogue Bakery. The Stuffing cookie from the Limited Edition Thanksgiving Collection 2012 was featured on Anderson Cooper Live [and you can now watch the clip here, Rogue Bakery AND the city of Columbus is mentioned about 10 minutes into the segment.] Also, when watching that… Read More

It’s already the end of March. How did that happen? March and April are those months where I’m always hesitant to believe that it’s Spring already. I mean, technically, it is, but you never know around here. I still think that some freak snow storm is going to come out of nowhere, when we least… Read More

I have to admit, I am not the most prepared person when it comes to the holidays. I do that whole “Oh, I still have plenty of time, it’s only the first week of December…” and before you know it, it’s December 12th 13th. Uh oh. So I was supposed to write this blog post on… Read More

I’m sorry I’ve been rather silent on the blog/social media front. I was thinking of stuff. I always think of stuff, but this stuff was related to new cookies, and new ways to get you cookies. I know what you’re saying “Is that ALL you ever think about???” No, not really, but it’s a good… Read More