The DCC [Dark Chocolate Chip + Sea Salt] is a cookie loved by all [well, personally, I prefer the MCC [Milk Chocolate Chunk + Sea Salt], because I think it’s a better cookie…but hey, that’s me…]. But just the other week, a first time experience with this cookie single-handedly turned someone off of Rogue Bakery cookies… Read More

It’s only natural that along with the Silver Box, Rogue Bakery offers another precious metal-themed box. Is it platinum, the precious metal found in automobile catalytic converters?? Nah. But maybe it should be. I mean, platinum is more expensive than silver. Hell, palladium (also found in catalytic converters) is more expensive than silver. Why didn’t… Read More

Everyone knows about the RBCC —Rogue Bakery Cookie Club— right? Where you get a dozen cookies each month? Well, yeah. It’s a thing. Anyway, way back in the day, when those came out, I thought “You know, since Rogue Bakery is all about being different, there should be another cookie club…that’s the opposite. Like, instead… Read More

…well, if you can actually read all of this in 3 minutes. I mean, you can take your time, no rush, no pressure. Just sound out the words if you have trouble.   Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco Restaurants nationwide Price: 1.69 (Supreme with ground beef) You’ve heard about it. You’ve gagged a little hearing about… Read More

It’s December 22nd, 3 days before Christmas. I just now purchased a present for my sister. And honestly, for me, that’s early. I still haven’t bought anything for my mom. I am a procrastinator. I’m not proud to admit it, but I will admit it. I wait until the last minute. I’m that 10 year… Read More

Look at this! It’s the first “Rogue Bakery Says” blog post! Yay! This will be the place where I’ll talk about the latest and greatest things at Rogue Bakery. There will also be posts about food, local restaurants, food, more food, food happenings in the area, more food, and cute pics of cats. Because, you… Read More