A year ago (actually, one year and 4 days ago), Rogue Bakery made it’s first delivery. Basically, a couple people ordered. I was pretty nervous, because let’s face it, someone ordering things from you that they’ve never had before can be kinda scary, for both the people receiving the items, and the person making them.… Read More

On Sunday, May 15th, it will be exactly one year since the very first baked good delivery in Columbus by Rogue Bakery. Notice that I said “baked good”; the very first deliveries weren’t even cookies. Well, that’s not 100% true; cookies were included. But the main baked good for the delivery beta test was cinnamon… Read More

Howdy! I know, this doesn’t look like a facebook page at all, does it? Nope, it’s big stuff #1, the Rogue Bakery website! So, here it is. Don’t worry, more stuff will be updated here soon. Also, please excuse me if links don’t work and things. This site is just a baby! It’ll spit up… Read More

Look at this! It’s the first “Rogue Bakery Says” blog post! Yay! This will be the place where I’ll talk about the latest and greatest things at Rogue Bakery. There will also be posts about food, local restaurants, food, more food, food happenings in the area, more food, and cute pics of cats. Because, you… Read More