DARE: Ranch Cookies

The other day, I was thinking, "What food is truly American?" I thought of ranch salad dressing. Do you remember a time when ranch salad dressing didn't exist? I do. And then, it seemed overnight, ranch dressing was everywhere. I don't know how those folks at this super secret valley located somewhere out West, I assume, pulled that off. I'm sure it involved a silencing of the Thousand Island Conglomerate. Anyway, I thought "Why don't I make a ranch flavored cookie? I mean, people seem to like ranch dressing. I like ranch dressing. I like cookies. Sounds good to me." Of course, you should know that I have no common sense. None at all.

These SAVORY cookies have all the flavors you expect from a cookie...that tastes like ranch dressing. You will receive 4 ranch cookies, that you can eat with a variety of things. Perhaps you can eat it with baby cut carrots. Or maybe you can eat them with Buffalo wings? The sky's the limit with ranch!


Flour, butter, sugar, eggs, whole milk powder, baking soda, dried herbs, garlic powder, onion powder, vinegar, lemon juice, lime juice, lemon zest, sea salt.