WTF Cookie

One time, there was this Super Friends episode where Dr. Frankenstein stole all the powers from the Super Friends, and put them in one monster. It was some sort of Super Friends mash-up monster (and it carried Wonder Woman's magic lasso on it's belt, which seemed kinda weird). Robin was the only one whose powers weren't stolen, so the most logical thing to do was to take what was left of the powers of the weakened, remaining Super Friends, and transfer them to Robin, so he could fight the Frankenstein monster. I'm not sure what this episode has to do with this cookie, but that was a really good cartoon. This cookie has the following:
-Potato Chips
-Butterscotch Chips
-Salted Pretzel Sticks
-Chocolate Marshmallows
I know what you're thinking after reading all of this: "WTF...!?" Exactly.


Flour, butter, sugar, brown sugar, eggs, corn syrup, pure vanilla extract, potato chips, pretzel sticks, butterscotch chips, chocolate marshmallows, baking soda, sea salt.